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In August 2021, these details were updated.

Contact Details

CAPTION: Contact details

Post Title: Assistant Director of Safeguarding, Professional Standards and QA

Name: Kevin Kasaven
Email: Kevin.kasaven@kent.gov.uk
Tel: 03000 416334/ 07872 418909

Post Title: Service Manager for Safeguarding and Quality Assurance

Name: Julie Maguire
Email: Julie.Maguire2@kent.gov.uk
Tel: 03000 414 714

Post Title: Service Manager for Safeguarding and Professional Standards

Name: Susan Ashmore
Email: Susan.ashmore@kent.gov.uk
Tel: 03000 410 318

Post Title: Principal Social Worker

Name: Melanie Spencer
Email: melanie.spencer@kent.gov.uk
Tel: 03000 410 318